**Please note each committee database site has a new URL. The Transmission & Distribution Committee Database Web Site can be accessed at http://committee.eucg.org/distribution/distributionsurvey **

Committee Vision:

Set and maintain industry leadership in all facets of T&D data and practices.

Committee Mission:

Collect and exchange standardized electric transmission and distribution data on an annual basis utilizing web-based technology and a Balanced Scorecard approach.

We gather and disseminate process, procedural and best practices information through the use of ad hoc surveys and other benchmarking activities including the bi-annual EUCG Workshops.

Sample Committee Product:

Click here for a Sample Distribution Final Report.

Committee Services:

Database Management, Survey Management, Repository of Best Practices Presentations and Workshop Materials

Committee Leadership:

Committee Guidance Documents:

Committee Offices and Succession Plan

Committee Membership Categories and Fee Structure:

T&D Committee Fee Structure Data Members Forum Members Alliance Members
    EUCG Administrative Fee $ 1,900 $ 1,900 $ 1,900
    T&D Committee Fee $ 1,900 $ 1,900 $ 6,000
Total Membership Fee $ 3,800 $ 3,800 $ 7,900
    Database Reports $ 0 $ 15,000/each $ 15,000/each

Data Members: Those members who provide data per the annual schedule.
Forum/Member Owner: Owners or co-owners who do not operate commercial plants
Alliance Member: Related industry organizations or businesses

Committee Annual Planning Calendar:

Flash Data: Two weeks prior to Spring Workshop
Abstract Data: Two weeks after each workshop
Members Area Updated: Two weeks after each workshop
Final Data Due: Last week of May
Reports Available: First week of July

Committee Database/Members Only URL for link

Click here to access the committee database and other members-only information.

Promotional Materials:

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