Learn More About EUCG

What is EUCG?

Formed in 1973 and incorporated in 1995, EUCG provides a professional working forum for the electric utility industry to share information to help individual companies improve their operating, maintenance, and construction performance. In this time of intense effort to achieve excellence, EUCG helps utilities fulfill the need to share information and benchmark against those in their class.

Who Participates in EUCG?

Energy companies from around the world participate in the various technical programs and working groups of the organization. Company representation varies from business and technical sides of the business and from senior analysts through company executives. EUCG information sharing and open forum structure provides value to utility representatives over a wide range of management levels.

How is Information Shared?

Performance, cost, and process information is shared at workshops held twice each year at various locations. Annual data exchange opportunities are provided. Members must participate in data sharing in order to receive data reports. Various surveys and special interest forums are offered to those interested in specific topics throughout the year.

Who can join EUCG?

Membership is offered in the following categories:

  • Data Membership: members in the business of production, transmission, or distribution of energy that participate in data and information exchange

  • Forum Membership: members in the business of production, transmission, or distribution of energy choosing not to participate in data exchange

  • Affiliate Membership: members that are affiliated with the business of production, transmission, or distribution of energy

How much does it cost?

As a non-profit trade organization, EUCG keeps annual membership dues at an extremely reasonable level. Fees for membership are dependent on the committee and type of membership. Click here for more information or call the EUCG offices at 703-234-4143.

What about data confidentiality?

EUCG collection and dissemination of data are in conformity with antitrust law. Information collected by EUCG shall be considered confidential and must not be distributed to non-contributing members or non-EUCG parties.

How is EUCG managed?

As written in the EUCG Bylaws, "The government of the EUCG and the administration of its business and affairs shall be vested in the Board of Directors....They shall have an exercise all the powers and authorities by the Certificate of Incorporation and by the Bylaws...."

EUCG Board of Directors

Stephanie Maggard

Jesse Medlock
Vice President
Oncor Electric Delivery

Evelyn Grant
Lower Colorado River Authority

Matt Dau
US Army Corps of Engineers

Steve Thornton
Marketing Director
Duke Energy

Andrew Campbell
Emerging Issues Director
Tennessee Valley Authority

Steve Royall
Fossil Committee Chair

Chris Utracki
Hydro Committee Chair
Ontario Power Generation

David Ward, Jr.
Nuclear Committee Chair
Duke Energy

Ruben Soto
PV Solar Committee Chair
Southern California Edison

Eileen Brannon
T&D Committee Chair
Oncor Electric Delivery

EUCG Staff

Don Kaiser
Executive Director

Juliana Gordon

Ron Chatelain

General Counsel

Jerry Panaro
Howe & Hutton, Ltd,