Fossil Productivity Committee (FPC)

Committee Vision:

To be the lowest cost and highest valued electric utility industry source for fossil-fired electric utility cost, performance, and best practice information.

Committee Mission:

To assist member companies in achieving excellence by providing meaningful, relevant, accurate, and timely database and survey information for fossil-fired electric utility cost, performance, and best practices. This includes promoting and facilitating the continuous improvement of fossil plant management best practices. The committee offers a forum for the mutual exchange of fossil plant performance, historical cost data, and process improvement information and various areas for benchmarking and best practices. Topics include plant operations and maintenance issues, outage planning, activity-based management, process management, and data analysis.

Committee Products:

The FPC products are:

  • Agenda tracks at the spring and fall EUCG workshops
  • Fossil Outage Forum Workshop
  • Fossil Productivity Database CT/CC Database
  • Outage Metrics Database
  • Best performance assessments
  • Special-interest surveys of such topics as plant staffing, technology costs, operations and maintenance work practices, corporate support, etc.
  • Fossil Forum message board

Committee Services:

The three databases offered to FPC members require member participation on a "give-to-get" basis prior to members receiving detailed database results. Data is controlled by the FPC database administrator to keep all participant data blinded, to protect member utilities' interests, and to maintain full compliance with antitrust guidelines.

  1. The Fossil Productivity Database is updated annually and contains cost, performance, and staffing data for fossil-fired steam generating units. The database is a web-based interactive application that allows members to upload data directly into the database; to create and download data sets based on standard or user-defined query criteria; and to print standard reports.

  2. The Combined Cycle / Combustion Turbine Database is also updated annually and contains unit design, cost, performance, and safety data for combined cycle and simple-cycle combustion turbine installations. The value of the CC/CT is becoming more important as the industry sees a future of lower gas prices and increased CC/CT operation.

  3. The Outage Metrics Database contains performance metrics for major scheduled unit outages. The data is used to identify unit outage best performers and to help identify the characteristics of best performers.

The annual Fossil Outage Forum Workshop is separate from the semi-annual EUCG workshops and is held in the summer to avoid the spring and fall outage seasons. While the audiences at EUCG conferences represent a wide range of utility company interests, the Outage Forum Workshop istargeted to utility outage planning and management groups.

EUCG members also have access to a "members only" section of the EUCG website, which features a forum that allows members to post requests for information. The Fossil Forum is one of the website's most active message boards. The semi-annual EUCG workshops offer FPC member utilities regular opportunities to learn from and to network with each other.

Committee Leadership:

Committee Guidance Documents:

Click here for the Fossil Productivity Committee Requirements.

Committee Membership Categories and Fee Structure:

Fossil Committee Fee Structure Data Members Forum Members Alliance Members
    EUCG Administrative Fee $ 1,700 $ 1,700 $ 1,700
    Fossil Committee Fee $ 3,100 $ 3,100 $ 5,000
Total Membership Fee $ 4,800 $ 4,800 $ 6,700
    Database Reports $ 0 $ 15,000/each $ 15,000/each

Data Members: Those members who provide data per the annual schedule.
Forum/Member Owner: Owners or co-owners who do not operate commercial plants
Industry Affilliate or Alliance Member: Related industry organizations or businesses

Committee Annual Planning Calendar:

Spring 2012 Workshop — April 16-18, 2012
Fall 2012 Workshop — September 23-26, 2012
Summer 202 Outage Forum — June 26-28, 2012
Summer Leadership Team Meeting — June 26, 2012
Winter Leadership Team Meeting — TBD

Committee Database/Members Only URL link:

The Fossil Committee database is being upgraded. Please contact Fossil Committee Leadership for more information.

Promotional Materials:

  1. Best Performers

  2. 2008 Outage Forum