EUCG Technology Solutions Committee

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Committee Vision:

To become the utility industry's premiere source for benchmarking and analysis of IT costs and performance metrics and to provide the forum for IT Leaders to share and discuss emerging technologies, best operating practices, in-sourcing and out-sourcing trends and business — technology integration.

Committee Mission:

The mission of the Technology Solutions Committee (TSC) is

  • to enable more informed enterprise-wide IT business decisions based on relevant and timely information
  • by providing structured benchmarking comparisons, shared best practices, and access to industry participants

Committee Products:

  • Annual Cost Benchmark Database — A warehouse of the IT cost and performance data in a user-friendly software tool to assist users in retrieving the raw data for customized reports and trend analysis.

  • Data Dictionary — a dictionary to define twelve cost towers (Voice, Network ,LAN/WAN, PC, Help Desk, Mainframe, Computing Services, UNIX servers, Wintel servers, Storage servers, Admin/Back Office, Application Development, and Application Support.

  • Ad hoc Surveys — process and structure to ask questions any non cost topic

  • Standard Benchmarking Report — A compiled set of standard benchmarking report which provides members more time for analysis of the data and less time constructing graphs and charts.

Committee Services:

Database management, Survey management

Committee Leadership:

Committee Guidance Documents:


Committee Membership Categories and Fee Structure:

Technology Solutions Committee Fee Structure Data Members Forum Members Alliance Members
    EUCG Administrative Fee $ 1,700 $ 1,700 $ 0
    Technology Solutions Committee Fee $ 4,000 $ 2,000 $ 0
Total Membership Fee $ 5,700 $ 3,700 $ 0

Data Members: Those members who provide data per the annual schedule.
Forum/Member Owner: Owners or co-owners who do not operate commercial plants
Industry Affilliate or Alliance Member: Related industry organizations or businesses

Committee Annual Planning Calendar:

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